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  • Capoeira Mandinga HomepageThis is the Official Capoeira Mandinga Homepage, where you can get lots of capoeira goods, clothes, instruments, and more
  • Chimp's Capoeira PageA really great site, TONS of info, links, pics, and more
  • Capoeira Mandinga Port HuronCool site by my fellow capoeiristas in my hometown Port Huron, it has pics, movies, links, and more
  • Capoeira Mandinga BuffaloSite done by the mandingueros in Buffalo, NY. Pics, class schedule, links and more
  • Capoeira Mandinga DetroitSite with info on the group in Detroit, pics, links
  • Capoeira Mandinga DetroitAnother site for the group in Detroit
  • Capoeira San JoseCool site that has animations of capoeira moves, capoeira museum, links, and more
  • CapoEuropaLarge site with different languages, many links, pics, newsletter, and more
  • Grupo Capoeira Brasil - TexasCool site with history, pics, capoeira goods, clothes, instruments, lyrics, links, and more
  • Axe CapoeiraMestre Barrao's Academy, pics, history, capoeira products, clothing, links, and more
  • Grupo CandeiasCool site with pics, videos, music, history, merchandise, techniques, and more
  • iCapoeira.netGood site that is a very organized list of links