This list is not complete. Some of the moves I couldn't describe, so please let me know of any descriptions, additions, mistakes, or corrections. Also, a lot of what is on this list I got from CHIMP'S page and the MANDINGA page. Please go visit these sites, I have a link to them on my first page. Thanks, Perne Longo.

Ginga - basic movement, stance
Negativa -
Role - roll
Entrada - step
Troca - switch legs
Planche - back arch
Bananeira - handstand
Au - cartwheel
Au Batido -
Au Chibata - low, rolling twist kick
Au Sem Mao - au without hands
Au Giratoria - spinning on the hands
Au Agulha - during au, hop off hands into landing
Au Leg Switch - switch legs midway, and land on opposite foot
Au Cortado - legs come down overhead
Au Esquisito - inverted au with legs bent behind, used as a kick
Au Batido Macaco - do from macaco position
Au Batido Giratoria - do after starting au giratoria
Au Confusado - same as au sem mao, but legs are balled up during
Piao de Cabeca - spin on head, using no hands
Queixada - similar to inside-out crescent kick
Armada - spin kick
Armada Pulada - jumping armada
Armada Dupla - toe touch as spinning through the air
Bencao - front kick, push kick
Bencao Pulada - lunging bencao
Rasteira - sweep the foot
Rasteira de Costas - with both hands on the ground, backward sweep
Martelo - similar to roundhouse
Martelo Rotado - 360 degree martelo
Jumping Martelo Rotado - similar to parafuso, but first leg stays bent
Ponteira - similar to an axe kick
Cabecada - a headbutt, usually to the torso
Joelhada - knee
Meia Lua de Frent - outside-in crescent kick
Meia Lua de Compasso -
Meia Lua de Reversao -
Meia Lua Queda de Rins -
Cocorinha - escape down
Esquiva Lateral - escape to the side
Esquiva Baixa - escape to the back
Queda de Rins -
Chapa - a side kick
Chapa Baixa - low side kick,usually to the knee
Chapa de Costas - "mule kick", use one or two legs
Banda de Costa - takedown, using a leg behind them and pushing over
Giro - fake a kick by spinning on heels
Relogio - spinnin on hand, while body rests on elbow
Macaco - monkey flip
Macaco Solta -
S-Dobrado -
Escorpiao - push up position, bring leg over head, facing opponent, like a scorpion
Parafuso - armada, followed by a jumping martelo
Mortal - flip
Fohla Secca -few steps forward, then flip backward
Mariposa - parafuso, but landing on second leg
Raiz - meia lua de compasso, followed by a jumping martelo
Suicidio - toe touch in air
Aerial Chibata - au chibata, but higher and may land on back
Vingativa - revenge; try to trip
Tesoura - leg scissors takedown from side
Tesoura de Frente - leg scissors takedown from front
Tesoura de Costas - leg scissors takedown placing a leg behind, and rolling over
Tesoura Angola - legs spread, slide backwards toward opponent for a takedown